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Credit Repair Experts

Our services may also include

● Reviewing your current financial situation.● Examining creditor expectations - what they really want from you.● Researching and assessing creditor regulatory compliance - should you have been given a loan in the first place?● Analysing the opportunities to seek hardship consideration for you.● Seeking hardship consideration by lenders, on your behalf.● Applying for postponement of enforcement proceedings against you.● Negotiating for fair outcomes to help you get back on track.● Preparing complaint and dispute submissions to Internal Dispute Resolution Managers, on your behalf.● Preparing submissions and complaint applications to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority, on your behalf.● Preparing submissions to credit reference bodies seeking changes you many need to information they hold on your credit file, such as the number of credit enquiries you have made and bad debt details.● Negotiating for a change in your credit contract terms to make it easier for you.● Making a claim or complaint to ASIC on your behalf.● Making a claim or complaint to the Privacy Commissioner on your behalf.● Representing you in disputes with lenders, to get a fair outcome for you

The delivery of our services includes

● Explanation of the processes before you agree to engage Credit Wipe.● Explanation of the costs before you agree to engage Credit Wipe.● Reviewing credit checks you may provide, at no cost to you, before you agree to engage our services.● Checks on the validity of listings with a credit reporting body, at no cost to you, before you agree to engage our services.● Explaining the realistic possibilities that could be achieved by you engaging our services - we do not make empty promises.● Providing timely progress reports, so you know what is happening while we are working for you.● Providing an end of service report, so you have all the necessary details and explanations concerning what we have been able to achieve for you

The information you provide to us

We have a proud reputation for being honest and well informed. This reputation has proved to be of great assistance to our consumers.

To help you get the best outcome possible, when you provide us with information, please provide all you have - without any attempt to alter it or fudge.

When we ask you questions, to help us fully understand your situation - please be honest and tell us everything you know concerning the question topics.

To maximise our help for you it is very important that we know everything relevant about your situation, that we know the truth, that you provide the information asked for quickly, and that we can trust you.

Reasonable grounds

We will only accept your engagement if, based on what is available by way of information at the time, we believe that there are reasonable grounds to justify taking the action we might recommend. We are not interested in wasting your money

Our culture

Your interests come first - that is as it should be.

It is also good for us, because our business is growing due to lots of happy consumers recommend us to their friends, workmates and family. We don’t have to spend a fortune on advertising and then pass that cost on to you

Credit Repair Consultation

If you're having trouble with your bad credit, getting tired of going through high-interest lenders or you are simply looking for a means to an end of your financial vulnerability. Then get in contact now for a free, no obligation assessment of your situation by one of our lovely staff members.

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