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Over 3 million Australian's are at risk of credit default in the next 12 months.Even a mobile phone bill of $150 can be listed as a default if left unpaid forlonger than 60 days.

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Defaults we Remove on a Daily Basis

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Removal Process

  • Assessment

    Your consultant will assist you to obtain a free copy of your credit file. Once received, we will identify who has listed a default or court judgement on your credit file.

  • Investigation

    Our case managers will request all relevant documents from the credit provider and cross-reference this information with up to 8,000 pages of legislation.

  • Removal

    Once we have identified a legislative breach we request the credit provider to remove the default from Equifax (prev. Veda), Illion (Prev. Dun & Bradstreet) and Experian.

  • Post-Removal

    Your case manager will assist you to obtain an updated copy of your report so you can begin confidently applying for finance again.

“Found out I had 2 defaults on my credit file. Had no idea there was help for me until I gave Credit Wipe Australia a call. Would highly recommend these guys! “

Hayden, QLD

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